Newsletter – June 15 2013

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June 15, 2013

Meet Judith:

My name is Judith Awuor Okong’o and I am the new third grade teacher at Manna Academy in rural Kisumu Kenya. I was born October 20, 1988 as the second in a family of six. My father passed away when I was in the fifth grade leaving behind my mother who was then left with the responsibility of taking care of us and paying our school fees, though with difficulties because she had no job.

I graduated from Primary school in 2003 with a B+ and was awarded my 1st year of high school text books for being in the top of the class. My head teacher teamed up with some “well wishers” to ensure I attend Mbaga Girls High School. Many times I was sent home to bring money to pay my school fees. This did not hinder my competitive spirit or studies.

I knew that hard work paid off and remembered the words of Francis Imbuga, a novelist, who said, “The future depends on the sacrifice we make at the present”. In 2007, I graduated from secondary school with a B- grade point. My mother passed away one weeks before I took my national examination. My siblings and I then became total orphans. After completing my secondary education, I stayed at home for one year due to lack of funding for college. I had a dream to become a teacher and fortunately other “well wishers” paid all of my college fees.

I trained for two years at Kilimambogo Teachers Training College from 2009 – 2011 and staying home with my family for one year. The job to teach at Manna Academy opened up in January, 2013. I wish to continue working with Manna Academy because most of the pupils in the school are orphans and I do not want them to undergo the same sufferings I had. It is also a blessing to help mold young children, identifying their talents and abilities as well as making sure they work hard to achieve academically the best they can, so they can have a bright future.

It is my dream to further my education and hold a Master’s degree and PhD in education and be a role model to others. I thank God for IFHAD who helps Manna Ministries to continue to serve these precious children. May the Lord bless IFHAD and all those who give to them who make our monthly salaries possible without which we would be forced to quit offering our services to Manna Academy.

Judith Awuor 3rd Grade Teacher Manna Academy – Kisumu Rural

We are so blessed to have Judith now on the staff at Manna Academy. She truly has a heart for our children and their education. She can speak to the children and understands their circumstances.

Progress Report:
Let me bring you all up to date on our building project. We are halfway to our goal of building the much needed third classroom building. The goal is $6,000 we have receive $3,000. Thank you to everyone who have provided these funds. Please reach out to your friends, churches, and others who would be interested in helping us with the additional classroom. In January 2014, we want to add the fourth grade and we will need the new classroom. Now would be a great time to make a memorial donation in a loved ones memory and we will put their name on the building in their honor. Please join us in prayer and see where the Lord leads us all in this request.

Teachers Salaries:
We are still struggling to pay the teacher’s salaries each monthly. I cannot tell you that we have enough funds pledged every month because we do not. The Lord has been faithful and provided the extra funds each month and we have in turn meet our obligation to the teachers and staff at Manna Academy. Can you pledge some amount to help us pay the teachers?

Get the word out:
We need your help in expanding our newsletter reach. Please forward this newsletter on to your friends who would be interested in learning about what IFHAD is doing in Kenya or simply send us their names and addresses. We believe that the more people that know about these orphans the more help will be forth coming. We all know how the LORD works in mysterious ways, let Him work through you. When the Holy Spirit urges you, listen, then speak to someone about Manna Academy, and then send us the information so that we can follow up. We never know when or how God is going to work. Your help is needed

This is a great time for us to take some big steps forward for Manna Academy. I encourage you to please contact people who you know. We need a lot of help but with the Holy Spirits guiding each one of us we can do what GOD has called us to do. With Manna Academy we are reaching the unreached children but even more than that we are reaching the people in the rural Kisumu area who are taking care of these children who have lost their fathers and many case also their mothers. We here in the US truly do not understand what and how this could happen and it is really hard for me to tell you, but the true facts are that of the 230 children at Manna Academy approximately 180 are what is considered in Kenya to be ORPHANS. One or more of the parents have died. PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING IN ANYWAY THAT YOU CAN.


How to Support IFHAD:
You can continue to support IFHAD by giving online at and by also setting up an automatic monthly donation. Checks and money orders can be mailed to:
IFHAD (International Fund for Humanitarian Aid and development) C/o Dennis McCaw
2460 Woodmere Drive
Marietta, GA 30068-3491
Please contact IFHAD Executive Director, Mike Leonard with any questions and feedback you have at:
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